Free iPad app for book-buying consumers launches today

Posted on December 10, 2011 by NBA Webmaster. More news

The Nudge website today launched The Nudge List, a free iPad app for consumers, designed to help book lovers uncover the best new books and book-based information, with specialist advertising opportunities for publishers.

Updated weekly with the ten best, most interesting and most entertaining stories from the world of books and film, The Nudge List will highlight major new releases and word-of-mouth success stories, as well as championing mid-list titles worthy of wider exposure.

It will feature reviews, trailers, book extracts, author interviews and other great content from Nudge (, including direct links to sample and purchase all featured titles as eBooks on the iBookstore. Publishers will be able to suggest titles for inclusion, and in addition, will be able to access the single advertising slot.

Simon Appleby, Managing Director of AMS Digital Publishing, said: ‚ÄúThis is a ground-breaking opportunity to serve the book-consuming public with an independent app that meets their needs. Furthermore The Nudge List offers a fantastic platform for publishers to extend their relationships with book-buyers through digital channels and increase and identify book purchasing habits and trends.”

Developed by app specialists Aimer Media, The Nudge List extends the online offering of Nudge, a website allowing publishers the unique opportunity to connect with genre specific book buyers. The website facilitates a combination of direct access to all types of book lovers, link backs to publisher websites for data collection, and opportunities to seed promotional content on a consumer-specific platform.

The web network also powers a unique online review generation service, Real Readers, which facilitates independent reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari and many more sites besides, written by committed and interested book-lovers. A similar vehicle for film adaptations called Screen Book Club is also unveiled which includes, exclusive screenings and combined book and film reviews.

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