Andre Simon Food & Drink Book Awards

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Prize money: £2,000

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Winner(s) announced: 05/02/2019

In 1972, soon after the death of André Simon, the André Simon Memorial Fund was set up. It was started as a charitable fund by a group of people who felt that the memory of André Simon should be perpetuated. One objective of the Fund is to benefit the public generally in the fields of food and drink, and one of the ways in which the Fund meets this objective is through its Book Awards.

The Trustees of the André Simon Memorial Fund announce that they will make awards to the winning authors of new works published in 2018.
There are two categories:
For the winner of each category there will be an award of £2000 and also £200 for each short-listed book. In addition there will be an award of £1500 in honour of John Avery and the Special Commendation Award of £1500 – both of these are at the discretion of the judges.The main criteria against which the works are judged are:
The work shall contain a substantial proportion of original research and not simply be a re-arrangement of existing material.
Great importance will be attached to the educational value of the work.
The books chosen are likely to be ones that are pleasurable to read and not just professional text books.
The book should be well produced.

The Special Commendation will be awarded to one of the short-listed books in either the food or drink category. The book may be on a specific subject considered too specialised for the main award. It may also be a book with a limited life such as a guide or similar book. The John Avery Award is in the gift of the trustees.When judging the books the Trustees have the help and advice of two independent assessors. In 2018 Meera Sodha has kindly agreed to assess the food books and Victoria Moore will assess the drink books.