Event Management

We manage many of the events around our campaigns, both in isolation or in partnership with partnering PR companies, production companies and show directors.

We create running orders, briefings and call sheets for all involved including liaising with presenters, sponsors, celebrities and press attendees.

In the last 12 months we have managed both the British Sports Book Awards at Lord’s Cricket Ground and the Irish Book Awards in Dublin’s RDS Grand Library with attendees at both beyond 400 authors and executives. Both were also televised

Contact alastair@agile-ideas.com  or click the contact us page if you’re looking for management for your event.

Irish Book Awards 2012 TV highlights show 

“Everything about the Irish Book Awards were tremendous and felt right, with the resulting coverage in the Irish press/radio/tv first rate. The thing that distinguished the evening from other book events is that it felt like a true celebration of writers and readers. All the presenters spoke from the heart and there was a refreshing lack of pomposity about the whole event. The MC set the tone for what was a thoroughly engaging, lively and stimulating evening, full of good-natured intelligent banter and a great set of well-received awards” – L. Finlay, MD, Transworld/RandomHouse UK.

“Well done on The British Sports Book Awards – another great event. I heartily approve of Lord’s as a venue. Iconic and also spacious. I hope you don’t think it’s a cop-out if I don’t offer suggestions as to how to improve it. It’s just that I don’t know how you could!” – A. Pirie, Deputy Editor, IPC Media