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Over the last decade, our accumulated expertise has enabled us to develop our scope beyond awards management. The services below are our agencies main propositions, but we are always excited to hear about a great new project, so drop us a line if you would like to find out how we can help.


We have built an extensive network of partners over the years, with an unrivalled database of support agencies, publishers, retailers, media partners & corporate brands. Our comprehensive communications network has been key to many of our successes, enabling us to breathe life into a wide range of different projects.



Proposition Summaries


Sponsorship search & evaluation

We have successfully secured high value sponsorships on numerous occasions, working with rights holders to re-position their product in order to secure a sustainable future. Our tailored strategies will provide you with everything you need to build a long-term partnership model.

Design & POS creation

Our in-house design team have experience in several fields, having created book jackets, logo design & marketing campaign materials.

Strategic marketing consultancy

We can provide ad-hoc advice on marketing strategies within publishing & the media. We have previously produced marketing proposals & reports for many companies including publishers, retailers, wholesalers, radio stations, TV broadcasters & media partners.

Publishing project management

We have worked with authors to manage the publishing process from start to finish, including positioning, jacket design, marketing & publishing campaign planning and delivery.

Digital campaign creation

We design & maintain campaign websites, including the associated database management. We promote them through our own official point of sale and through an extensive social media campaign.

Publicity and social media support

We have run multiple social media campaigns for large scale events and awards. We can use our expertise to support your campaign, helping you to maximise the potential of various social media tools. We can also provide tailored strategies to boost publicity around your campaign or event.

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