Over the last few years, we have sought, negotiated to contract and liaised with several considerably-sized external industry companies (such as; Galaxy, Specsavers, Bord Gais Energy, Pilsner, schweppes, etc) looking to venture into the reading sphere. We can control brand exposure and identify value & benefit to them in the bookselling, library & online environment.

By adding investment into Book Promotion into the industry, we can help leverage support for the campaigns from all retailers & publishers within the industry to heighten the overall exposure and benefit.

This can be enhanced even further by allying a media partner to encourage exposure and profile of books (& the sponsor) in the media.

“In 2010 Bord Gáis Energy made a strategic decision to use the platform of books and reading to help build a stronger affinity with our customer base… Our research had previously told us that the books and reading space is one where 6/10 of our customers have an active interest and that the audience profile matches firmly the profile of our own customer target market.
The Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards has connected on a significant level and achieved above and beyond what we expected: 61% of adults feel closer to our brand as a result of our sponsorship, 59% of those aware of the sponsorship are more likely to be loyal to our brand as a result. This sponsorship has been a pivotal one for us, delivering consistently on target and achieving our goals, connecting personally with our customers and resulting in enhanced loyalty and retention rates.”E.Walsh, Sponsorship Manager, BGE Ireland

There are many, many opportunities in the reading arena for meaningful and significant sponsorship association, be they awards, general promotions, Literary festivals trade events. If you’re interested and keen to discover how it could help your brand, please contact alastair@agile-ideas.com or visit the contact us page.