The Golf Course Awards

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Building a brand from scratch to redefine recognition in the golf course industry

The Brief

The Golf Course Awards is a new enterprise aiming to build upon traditional interpretations of excellence, offering a progressive evaluation of golfing greatness and shining a light on golf courses that achieve excellence in the eyes of enthusiasts across the British Isles. 

They needed a brand mark capable of achieving instant recognition as an awards campaign in the golf world, but also one that is easily adaptable to work across smaller executions. For example, it needs to be impactful as a retail brand mark as a logo on a jumper or on a golf ball. 

Finally, the brand needed to seamlessly fit within the existing golf market, but also to reflect a sense of modernity and disruption, as the awards programme is seeking to reward and promote a progressive interpretation of excellence. 


The Golf Course Awards core mark combines a golf tee, one of the most iconic shapes within the sport, with a trophy, the international symbol for success. This collaboration creates a dynamic, eye-catching motif that humbly demonstrates the gravitas of this award, providing award winners with a mark they can proudly display at the forefront of their business that will communicate their dedication to providing excellence to all their customers.


The Golf Course Award is branded with multiple touchpoints and a diverse user base, from golfing enthusiasts looking for new courses, to golf managers dedicated to facilitating excellent services for their members and visitors.. Therefore the website needed to be accessible to all, across all platforms.


The social campaign has two main audiences – golf courses and golfing enthusiasts. To meet the objectives of each, we have developed templates and designs that can be adapted to work for partnership announcements, and promotional messages, but also to be both playful and interactive, to engage consumers with the content and the showcased golf courses.

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