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Last night on Wednesday 23rd September 7pm, the winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award was announced as THE OLD DRIFT by Nanwali Serpell (Hogarth/Vintage)!
In its 34th year,  the Arthur C. Clarke Award is the UK’s most prestigious book prize for science fiction writing. Originally established with the support of Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the book award aims to promote science fiction in the UK and the award is presented for the best science fiction novel of the year.
Announcing this year’s winner, author and 2019 Clarke Award winner Tade Thompson (ROSEWATER) said:
“THE OLD DRIFT is, to me, the great African novel of the twenty-first century. The scale, the characters, the polish and lyricism of the passages all conspire to tell an unforgettable tale.
At last, a book that acknowledges that the African lives with the fantastic and mundane. At last, an African book of unarguable universality…”

"The Old Drift is, to me, the great African novel of the twenty-first century… Well-deserved win. This is why my faith in the Clarke Award is unshakable."

- Tade Thompson (2019 Clarke Award Winner)

For this year’s awards, we were honoured to help the Clarke Award out with a refreshed brand look – with some ‘out of this world’ imagery and social media assets to help market their book prize, the aim was for our designs and the winning book to reach as many sci-fi fans as possible.

If your prize could do with refreshed branding and imagery to help you reach the audience that you are looking for, get in touch on or chat to our designer today!

Arthur C Clarke Award Sci-Fi

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