About Us

We are responsible for designing and delivering commercially sustainable prizes and promotions in publishing & the media.

Founded in 2004, we specialise in awards management, with our services covering every aspect of campaign and event delivery, from support securing sponsorship to project managing the event ceremony.

We take a truly holistic approach to each Book Prize and work closely with clients from the offset; finding the perfect sponsor; producing a fully-formed brand identity; bringing publishers and booksellers on board; managing the judging process; promoting the prize heavily across our online platforms.

We have also put together a comprehensive book prize list. Take a look at our list of book prizes, and let us know if we’ve missed one.

Meet the Team


Alastair Giles, Managing Director
Please contact Alastair for sponsorship opportunities and promotion information.
Tel: 01225 302266
Email: alastair@agile-ideas.com
Syd Bird, Publishing Liaison Executive
Please contact Syd with any information related to prize campaigns.
Email: syd@agile-ideas.com
Alice Beazer, Publishing Liaison Executive
Please contact Alice with any general queries.
Email: alice@agile-ideas.com
Luke Giles, Operations Director
Please contact Luke for sponsorship opportunities.
Email: luke@agile-ideas.com
Rob Garraway, Graphic Designer
Please contact Rob for any design or artwork enquiries.
Email: rob@agile-ideas.com
Bert Wright, Irish book Awards Co-ordinator
Please contact Bert for any information on Irish promotions and The Irish Book Awards.
Email: bert@agile-ideas.com
Susy Giles, Accounts Director
Email: susy@agile-ideas.com
Danielle Bowers, Project Production Manager
Please contact Danielle with any point of sale queries.
Email: danielle@agile-ideas.com